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Introduction to the Style
Presentations of the Sword
Movement of the Fight
Where to Put the Sword
Distance and Measure
Putting it All Together
Advanced Concepts
Saviolo's Actions
 What to Wear

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Don Samuael 5 July 2019

This page is dedicated to rapier fighting in conjunction with the SCA and is not an official SCA page. The intent here is to help fencers find a reason and purpose to pick up the teachings of historical masters and incorporate those lessons into their SCA fighting. Rapier fighting is an art and deserves some serious study of how it was done, what was done and why it was done. The SCA’s purpose is to teach people about history, and in essence be a little bit of living history. Understanding the historical fight means that we have to look at it from the perspective of the people who did this.

Don Samuale McTavish OWS AnTir